Knime error repository manager

I´m working with 4.0.0 version, founding an error-message in KNIME Console view: ERROR Repository Manager, as following: MetaNode alexnet’ from plugin ‘org.knime.ext.dl4j.base’ could not be created: org/deeplearning4j/nn/graph/ComputationGraph. I get that error after install some nodes (KINME Labs and others).

The program works without problem, however i want know how remove that warning ¿some direction?


Is it just because it is annoying, so you don’t want to see it, or another reason?

I see no similar error when installing the Deeplearning4J feature itself; to find out what was the offending install, perhaps start with a fresh 4.0.0 KNIME installation, then add one feature at a time. Once you’ve found the offending feature installation, you can uninstall it by going to Help → About KNIME Analytics Platform, then clicking on the “Installation Details” button, then highlighting the installed feature in the table and clicking the “Uninstall…” button.


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