Knime example server for Knime version 3.1.1


I installed the Knime platform version 3.1.1 from the USB key I've got at the UGM in Berlin.

When I try to connect to the Knime example server (adress guest@

I've got an error indicating that the connection failed.

WARN  KnimeRemoteFileSystem            Connecting to server "" failed.
WARN  KnimeRemoteFileSystem            Connecting to server "" failed.

Does the address to connect to the example server is wrong or is it the server which is not working?


Thank you in advance for any reply.

The address is correct and the server is working. It seems like your network connection is not working properly. Please check whether a firewall blocks access and/or if you need to configure a proxy.

ok, but in this case, why, on the same computer, using the version 2.12.2, I can log on the knime example server without any problem ? Does it make sense for you ?

Is it allowed to install different versions of knime on the same computer and when starting them start on the same workspace ?


Thank you in advance for your reply.

KNIME 2 and KNIME 3 are using different example servers on different network ports.

You can use a new KNIME version on an old workspace but the other way round is not guaranteed to work.


Yesterday I updated from 2.9.1. to 3.2.1, everthing went smooth so far. Connecting to the public sample server works from 2.9.1, connecting from 3.2.1. raises the error message "Connecting to server "" failed." Accessing from a Firefox browser works fine on that server, hence, I suspect no firewall problem... what can I do?

Thanks a lot yor four support!

If you require a proxy to access the internet you have to configure the proxy also in the KNIME Analytics Platform.