I am trying to get the above example to run and am running into a problem. I have a Google Translate API Key and put it in the correct place, as far as I know, in the first node. The other two nodes execute and output tables but when I get to the JSON to Table node, I get an error message: “No JSON columns are available”

I haven’t changed anything in the example other than inputting my API Key. Can someone please advise?


Hi @beahyu,

So you changed the default value in the String Input node to your API key?

What does the output of your GET Request node look like? If there’s no JSON column available, the request probably failed and the output of the node might tell you why.

Thank you for the reply. I am having a difficult time interpreting the content of the new columns that are formed in the GET Request node. Can you point to a particular one that might elucidate the problem? There is no JSON column in that output. The “body” column is populated with question marks, “status” with the number 400, “Accept-Ranges” with none and the other columns with other entries that are uniform.

Thank you!