knime explorer for local workflow do not show actual workflows


I tried to import a workflow and when browsing the destination it shows me an error “please select a workflow group”, In the console it doesn’t show any issue / error while running knime.

In my Knime explorer I can’t see the workflows I´ve created previously, it only shows to me my “LOCAL (Local Workspace)”. If I create a new workflow or group it doesn’t show up on the explorer. But if I go to the location where knime should be creating the flows/files they appear on the specific folder.

I´ve tried also to change the location of my workflows, moving them to another folder, and switching the workspace to the new path. I´ve tried restarting and re-installing knime and nothing seems to work.

I saw this same thing happened to many people, but I did not find the correct solution. Thanks!!

Hi there @julisantarelli,

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Can you tell me what OS and KNIME version are you running? Is there something specific about your workspace location? Can you give us print screen of your KNIME Explorer window?


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