Knime Explorer for local workflows is not working


Like a week ago my knime was working properly, today I tried to import a workflow and when browsing the destination it shows me an error “please select a workflow group”(Image #1). In the console it doesn’t show any issue / error while running knime.

In my Knime explorer I can’t see the workflows I´ve created previously, it only shows to me my “LOCAL (Local Workspace)”. If I create a new workflow or group it doesn’t show up on the explorer. But if I go to the location where knime should be creating the flows/files they appear on the specific folder.

I´ve tried also to change the location of my workflows, moving them to another folder, inside and outside my OneDrive, I´ve tried restarting and re-installing knime and nothing seems to work.

If I create a new workflow there´s the same error message if I want to choose the location, if I´m not changing it I can create the workflow but it wont appear on the explorer
(images #2 &3)

Please if someone has gone through the same let me know how you managed to fix it.

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Have you tried to change the workspace folder and check whether it works or not?
Go to: File / Switch Workspace / Other, then browse for a new workspace and click launch.


Hi armin, I´ve already tried that option, unfortunately didn’t work :frowning:

Sorry for this but here is another possibility:
Have you tried a folder somewhere like another drive?
Do you have any anti-virus program that may deny accessing to some folders? For example, my anti-virus program doesn’t allow unauthorized programs to access some folders which I have specify as “safe folders” unless I authorize those applications.


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Hi there @manumayey,

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Haven’t encountered anything similar but seems like some access issues…

Have you done any change to KNIME (like update) or your computer that might affected this behavior?


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