KNIME Extensions Install Feature Request

Dear Developers,

As a user of the KNIME Analytics Platform I would like to introduce some improvement ideas on installing the Extensions.

My proposal is to enhance the efficiency of the workflow by adding some functionality to it. Namely I would like to see some options for repeating my installation try eg. in case of some network misbehaving. This time the system gives me the answer that there has been a problem at downloading such and such jars. But I see it hard to remember all the extensions I wanted to install. I would like to propose a Retry option for this time.

May I also recommend that if the installation of one file fails, do not disturb the other. That is may the other processes seamlessly run, except the one failing.

Thank you,
Bálint Harmath

Hi @bharmath

thank you for this idea! I added this as a feature request into our bug tracking system.

Best wishes, Iris