'Knime & Extensions' versus 'Sources' / KNIME update sites



I started to handle some plugins in Knime and a couple of questions have appeared:


a) When I search for a plugin in (help > install new software), the plugin's results are always under two categories 'Knime & Extensions' and 'Sources' (as showed in attached image). Should I install both? Is the node located in two different places and I could install just one of them? What is the difference between the categoris 'Knime & Extensions' and 'Sources'?


b) It seems that all plugins are available to install at once (Download KNIME Update Site), withouth the need to do step (a) above. Is it recommend?  After the download of the file what is the step to load the plugins into Knime?


c) In the Knime's page http://www.knime.org/downloads/update it seems there are a couple of words misspelled (alternative words between brackets):


Using this command is the recomended (recommended) way

working in an environment with limited interect (interact, internet) access


Many thanks in advance,


a) Unless you want to develop extensions (or check the sources), you do not need the sources, you should install the "normal" extensions/features.

b) That is only for that case when you want to install extensions on a machine without internet access. In that case just add the zip as an archive update site. (Seldom needed, usually the proxies/firewalls handle KNIME extensions properly, but if it filters binaries, you should download the update site.)

c) The typos have been removed, thanks for the hint!