Knime External SSH Tool - Received message too long


   Hi everyone,

   I'm trying to use External SSH Tool and I've got the following simple error message:

   Job submission failed : Received message too long


   I know that this is a frequent SSH problem which comes from displayed messages during the SSH connection, but I really don't know how to solve this issue.


   Thanks in advance for your help!




I am not directly familiar with the problem, but I did some searching and it is likley due to your ssh session returning some sort of message which we are not expecting.  Have a look at the FAQ linked below, and post back if this turns out to be the problem.  



 Hi Aaron,

 Thanks for your reply. I tried the command from your link with two different computers :

  • For the computer A (the one which does not accept SSH session through KNIME) : the use of "ssh myHostA /bin/true" returns "endsource : command not found".
  • For the computer B (a computer which accept SSH session through KNIME) : the use of the command "ssh myHostB /bin/true" does not return any output.

 So I guess that this is the problem. I have to modify my shell initialization for the computer A but I do not know what to modify. Any idea ?


Thank you in advance for your help.



Maybe something like:

But this is outside of my area of expertise. 

Regards, Aaron