KNIME Features .....

Hi everyone....

I make a compairison on free data mining tools for my thesis in my university and one of these is KNIME(weka and RMiner included too).I am starting with this compairison in theoritical feautures as below:

platform support:

I/O suport:
ODBC(?),Arff, C4.5, csv,JDBC

Data preprocessing:

Mining functions:
Association rules,Classification Tree,Bayesian(?),RBF- prediction, Classification Neural,Regression,Text Mining,Clustering k-Means,Boosting,Gaussian,Text Mining(?)

Back Propagation,Multi-layer Perceptrons,Genetic,DDA (Dynamic Decay Adjustment),Regression,Kohonen Feature Map(?),K Nearest Neighbor,k means,Bayes(?)
Time series(??),Neural Net,Fuzzy c-means

Statistics functions:
Linear Regression ,CrossValidation,Aggregation(?)

Histograms,Box plots,Neighborgrams.

Wizards,Model Building,Technical Support /help( :D ),Labeling(?),Treating Outliers(?)

For some i didnt put all the features because there are too many as like mining functions,so i choosed the most use common.

If anyone can tell me if i am right with my research or if i put some which knime doest have i will be glad..... :D :D :D
because i have to give this in monday to my professor... :cry: :cry:

Thank you in Advance...

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I am interested in comparisons between the data mining tools, is it possible to look at those comparisons? with sincere thanks'tasem