Knime File and Version lost

Hi there,

Hoping someone can help me. I had a Knime workflow I had been working on for some time (Version 9) that I saved. I restarted Knime, and when it opened that file no longer existed! I can see older versions, but the version 9 I had been working on seems to have completely disappeared! I did the restart because when I went to the Tab with that version, the screen went black, and I could not see the workflow.

Help! Is there some way I can recover the hours of work that went into that version?


Could you give us more details? How was the ‘versioning’ done, did you give the workflows new names?

Some details about you machine and disk might help.

Then: KNIME basic version does not have a dedicated versioning or auto-save feature, the KNIME server has that.

I once suggested a do-it-yourself backup system but this is more a sorry excuse for a real backup.

In general you should think about a backup system where your work gets saved, stored and versioned (think TimeMachine on Mac or Dropbox or OneDrive).

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