KNIME flash back

Hi everyone,

KNIME always flashes back after upgrade to 4.5, does anyone know why.
Thanks in advance.

Hello @Banksy,

what does it mean “KNIME flashes back”? Can you show us this flashing or is it reproducible?


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Hi @ipazin

I am so Sorry, I didn’t make myself clear.

I mean KNIME suddenly ended the process while it was in use.

@Banksy could you specify when this was happening which nodes did you use? And what version and operating system you have?

I had such a problem yesterday on a Windows 10 machine with KNIME 4.5 when using the local big data environment with H2O. The program just crashed.

What you could do is clear the log, enable DEBUG and try again and see what does happen. You could then send the log to KNIME support or post it here to see if anyone has an idea what is going on.

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Hi @mlauber71

KNIME terminates the process sometimes when the workflow is saved, sometimes when the workflow is running, and sometimes when excel Reader is reading the file. I didn’t use any special nodes, just basic ones.

KNIME termination processes occur when KNIME is consuming a lot of CPU.

I’m using Windows 10 and KNIME4.5.

I don’t know much about IT. Could you tell me where to find log and DEBUG.

Thanks in advance.

@Banksy there are several things you could try:

  • check if KNIME has enough RAM/Memory available. If you have heavy tasks I would recommend something like 75$ of your total memory while not running anything else
  • then you could try a -clean start once
  • then you could try and do a fresh install of KNIME and make sure it is not installed on a temporary or remote drive
  • then check other performance issues (official blog|my collection)

To get a detailed log I would recommend setting the Log level to debug and then deleting the log and starting KNIME again. This log you might upload here or send it to the KNIME support.



Hi @mlauber71

I changed RAM in KNIME.ini, but I can’t upload log because my company network security policy.
The upload function is restricted.

@Banksy maybe you could send the log to KNIME support.

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Hi @mlauber71

I sent to KNIME support


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