KNIME for Internal Audit


I am relatively new to KNIME and have been using it on and off to create some workflows to analyse data for some internal audit projects (i.e. duplicate AP payments, payroll analysis).

I have viewed the KNIME internal audit data talks and the other audit resources via the KNIME site and all of the internal audit uses put forward seem to me to require a more advanced understanding of KNIME Analytics Platform.

As a relative beginner I was wondering if other internal auditors who use KNIME would mind sharing some of their use cases.

Many thanks in advance :grinning:

Hi @fostc80857 -

In addition to the resources you already mentioned, have you checked out the KNIME Hub? I found this workflow by @supersharp there (you may have already seen his video on using KNIME in Audit):

Maybe if you have some specific questions about your own workflows or use cases to provide, someone would be able to point you to some more resources?


Hi @ScottF

Thanks for link to the duplicate invoice audit workflow.

I have tried to drag & drop into the Knime explorer window but I get the following error message…
Object from URI ‘Accounts Payable - Duplicate Invoice Audit – KNIME Community Hub’ couldn’t be pasted

Is there something I am doing wrong?


If drag-and-drop isn’t working for you - sometimes specific settings on your machine and/or corporate policies can inhibit it - you can click the cloud icon to download the workflow manually:

2023-02-14 10_55_26-Accounts Payable - Duplicate Invoice Audit – KNIME Community Hub - Brave

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