KNIME Forum Backend

The new look and feel of the KNIME web page has made the forum user experience even worse.

  • There's no button to format source code with a fixed width font any more
  • When replying on a post in the forum, there's a line "Subject", but the contents of this text field will not show up in the reply when posted.
  • The Preview function renders an entire new page, and you have to go back using the big button on the top left before being able to continue editing a post.
  • When editing a post, there is no obvious way to cancel the editing (just Save and Preview buttons, there should be a Cancel button as well IMHO...)

@KNIME team: Did you abandon the plans to switch over to a better backend as e.g. Discourse??




Totally agreed. We are in the midst of redoing things. First step was an upgrade from Drupal 6 to Drupal 8 (done) which, unfortunately, brought along migration to an even more sub-optimal forum. Next step is some fine tuning and fixing and then we are going to look into a real forum! Bear with us a bit longer…


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Very happy to see that the transition to Discourse finally happened.


Thanks for the effort, it must have been quite some work to guarantee a smooth switch!


I wasn’t involved, really. Kudos to Christian, Hayley and our friends from Tojio, though…