KNIME freezes on closing

I have installed KNIME Analytics Platform 2.12.0 some weeks ago, and everything worked fine. But a few days ago it started to freeze every time I close the application. Eventually it closes, but it takes about 5 minutes in the 'not responding' state before it does. I am not sure what caused it, or if it is a bug.

Is there any way to check what is casuing it?

I have attached what I think is the relevant part of the KNIME log, seems to be some Java related issue.

I have the very same problem since a few days with knime 2.12.0 (Arch Linux, Java 1.7.0_85)

I also attach the log file, which is generated after one minute or so...

Right before knime closes (after a few minutes) this line appears:

2015-09-23 15:40:00,137 : DEBUG : main : NodeTimer$GlobalNodeStats :  :  : Node usage file did not send. Not logging additional information, since this is commonly due to limited internet connection: - Connection timed out

So it appears to be a connection problem, but to what and why???


We found this behavior to be a bug in our shutdown routine. It is fixed and will be released with KNIME 2.12.1, which is going to come out in a few days.

super, looking forward to the update!

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