Knime freezes whole OS after update to 4.0.1


I had the issue in the past but wasn’t able to reproduce it. However, just this morning after updating to 4.0.1 and restarting Knime, my whole OS (Mac OS X, except mouse movements, freezes for +10 seconds.

To resolve the issue in the past I had to completely reinstall Knime and all it’s extensions. Can anyone reproduce it?

knime error log.txt (13.1 KB)
knime (693.8 KB)

Thanks a lot

Hi Mike,

I couldn’t reproduce this behavior on macOS 10.13.6.

  • Which version of macOS are your running?
  • Could you please try to start KNIME from the terminal with -clean
  • Have you tried pointing this version at an empty workspace?


Hi @stelfrich,

I have the most recent version of OSX v10.14.6 (18G87) in use. Starting KNime from terminal with -clean parameter resolved the frozen system issue. Does this help you?

Thanks a lot

Does the issue resurface when you start it without -clean afterwards?

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