KNIME Google Analytics API


When using the Google API Connector to be able to query Google Analytics, which version of the Analytics Reporting API is this using? Is it v3 or the newer v4?


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I've tried to investigate this and I can only say that is using some prefix from the Version 2 of the Google Analytics Core Reporting API. So we could assume that the full Knime node is using a legacy version (v2). Otherwise, it doesn't make sense that they are combining different versions. 

From Google Analytics API Documentation:

"Note: The dynamic:: prefix has deprecated as of March 27, 2014. It is recommended that you migrate to the new syntax as soon as possible" 

V2 Legacy API --->

Hi Laura and Victor,

yes you are right, the API is version 2.3 .

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Hi Iris,

Thank you for confirming.
Would you know if there are plans to update the node to the latest version?


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