Knime hangs up


I have a table consisting of 48 Columns and 850.000 Rows. The subject matter are numbers. I work with an x64 PC with an Intel Pentium CPU G4500 @ 3.50 GHZ with 8 GB RAM and Windows Enterprise.

I tried to do a principal component analysis (PCA node) and an multidimensional scaling analysis (MDS node). In both cases knime hangs up. Is this amount of data to much for my PC configuration? Can I make this work?

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Hi @carllwyman -

One thing you could try would be increasing the amount of memory allocated to KNIME. In your knime.ini file (generally located in C:\Program Files\KNIME\knime.ini) there is a setting for this. It starts with -Xmx and then a value - for example, on my machine it is set to -Xmx8102m, which represents appoximately 8GB of RAM.

Perhaps since you have 8GB of RAM on your system, you could try changing this value to 2000m or even 4000m, and see if that helps?