Knime Heap Error - Not the Usual


first of all, I have been using Knime for 10+ years and am not to lazy to Google or search the forums. But this one has me stumped.

  • I am running Knime on a machine with 512 GB of Ram.
  • My Knime.ini reads: -Xmx261477m
  • However when I am trying to read about 30k small .table files through a loop and table reader I get a heap error!
  • I reinstalled Knime, lowered the memory usage etc…


Any ideas?

Thank you

Hello @nxfxcom,

wow! 10+ years… :+1:

Far from that but let’s see if I can help with couple of questions to clarify it:

  • you have 512 GB of memory and 26 assigned to KNIME? (from picture there is only 1GB given but maybe that is after you lowered it down)
  • which KNIME version are you using?
  • how many .table files is there? 30 thousand?
  • what is approximate size of one table?
  • you are concatenating tables in Loop End or?
  • is every iteration slower?
  • around what iteration do you get heap error?


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