KNIME Homework

Hello everyone,

I invested my last to days to study KNIME and I saw that it is indeed a very powerful tool. I managed to create and connect some nodes but I can’t figure out how to do the whole task.

I am using KNIME for a homework assignment and besides the theoretical part which includes the presentation of the tool, I have to simulate a real world scenario.

Unfortunately, there comes my problem. I ran out of time, and I have to deliver the assignment soon. I think that for you guys it’s just an easy task to implement my scenario. I have a UML Activity Diagram and a BPMN diagram.

If someone want to help my with this issue I will be very grateful.

Thank you very much and I’m sorry if I offended some of you with this post, but I have to get somehow the things done.

PS: you’ll not do this for free.


I will help you by answering your questions for free (if I know the answers). But I think it’s not a good idea to do the homework for you.
So I suggest you to start the job and here in KNIME forum the community will support you.
Feel free to ask as many questions as you want.



As a (free) tip. There is a R package bupaR that creates very nice BPMN diagrams. You might try to adapt that and even build a KNIME workflow around. But it might not be so easy. Maybe there are Python libraries that also do that.


Thank you for replies!

Basically I just want to model a simple fulfillment process, but I don’t know exactly what nodes to use.
If you can guide me a little bit.

Here is the BPMN diagram.

What I tried so far is something like this:

User “inputs” a variable which is a product(for example “laptop”), then
in Rule engine variable node I check for the following:

$${Sproduct}$$ IN (“Laptop”, “Monitor”, “Casti”) => “fulfilmentSpot”
$${Sproduct}$$ IN (“Boxe”) => “store”

Then I send the notification via email(which seems to work :smile:) and save variable in:
Case 1: “FulfillmentSpot.variables”
Case 2: “Store.variables”

Maybe it’s totally bullshit what I did, but I am just trying to do something to present and get a passing grade :blush:

I would be grateful if you could guide me which nodes is better to use for this scenario, or if I could model it better, in a more realistic way.

Thank you and all the best!

@armingrudd Can you help me with this question please :slight_smile: ?


Actually I’m not sure what you want to do.
If you are going to build a workflow which does exactly what your diagram shows so you are missing several steps.
Here I have a workflow based on your own workflow:

In this workflow I have 3 table creator nodes. One for the order which contains customer ID and product ID. Second and third ones for customers and products table. After joining, we have customer name based on customer ID, product name based on ID and customer email address based on customer ID. Then a string manipulation (variable) to create the message. The rest of the workflow is the same as yours but in data flow instead of variable flow.
I’m sure this is not all the job in your diagram but it may help you to do the other stuff. (Internal notification? this is not an email. If the order is placed via website, then may need to use Selenium nodes for this part.)

diagram.knwf (45.5 KB)



Thank you, Armin! It helps me a lot.

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OK so you wanted to create a workflow that does what your diagram says not create a visual diagram - I was on the very wrong path :sweat_smile:

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@mlauber71 no problem :slight_smile: your information is also useful

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