KNIME Hub - is it possible to jump out of a workflow using a breakpoint node?

Hi all,
We have many KNIME workflows that I am looking to upload to KNIME hub.

To facilitate this, I have created a KNIME component that checks an individual user’s SAP access &, dependent on whether certain criteria are met, the user will (or won’t) be able to continue running each of the workflows.

I check the access at multiple stages in the component (4 different types of access) and have inserted breakpoints at the end of each of the 4 stages to prevent a user from continuing without the relevant access.

When running in desktop, a message from the breakpoint is visible on the console.

My question is, how can I best end the workflow run in KNIME Hub whilst also making it clear to the user that they were denied access because their SAP roles didn’t provide the correct access (i.e. by way of the user message).

I am trying to avoid having a situation where a user tries to run a workflow and thinks it’s running without knowing that it’s actually stopped (given that in hub the workflow detail isn’t visible to the end user).

Thanks in advance for any advice you can provide.

Hello @taylorpeter55,

I would go with additional component that would after all four stages display message to user depending on stage it “failed”, if failed of course. It requires some work but shouldn’t be too hard and offers flexibility.

I assume you are talking about KNIME Business Hub and not Community as latter doesn’t have Web Portal/Data Apps to my knowledge.