KNIME Hub – Now Collaborate in Spaces

With the latest update to KNIME Hub spaces, we’ve expanded collaboration capabilities. Any Hub user can now invite friends or colleagues to contribute to their public spaces.

On KNIME Hub’s spaces, you can now:

  • Use a public space as a repository of similar workflows contributed by different users.
  • Collaborate on a collection of a project’s commonly used components.
  • Open up your hard work to feedback and improvements to others in the same space.

This increment extends what’s possible with spaces. Beyond organizing and sharing your work with the community, you can work together on any number of projects within KNIME Hub.

We’d love to hear your thoughts–log in to KNIME Hub here, and leave us any feedback you have in this thread.


… and there is a blog article about this now as well in case you want to read more and get some ideas how you can use this: Open Your KNIME Hub Spaces for Collaboration |KNIME


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