Knime I/O Upload Node execution fails over SSH

Hi there. I am attempting to use the Upload node in order to upload a file remotely via SSH. The input SSH connection works fine over port 22 and the uploaded file string is converted to a URI. I then configure the upload node to use a target folder on the remote directory which I have selected from the browse dialog. Path handling is set to "Use full path". So far so good. However when the node is executed it returns the following error:

ERROR Upload               2:58       Execute failed: Attempt to access above virtual root failed: /... No such Directory

This is accompanied by a stack trace in the logs which I have attached. Without further documentation or forum posts on using this node, I am a little lost. Could anyone please assist? Thanks in advance.

It seems your are attempting to write into a directory where you are not allowed to access the parent directory. The node checks the parent directory in order to determine if the target directory exists.

Yes. We do not have access to the parent directory so to speak, just a folder where we want to Upload. The connection over SSH is successful so why does the upload block behave like this? Can we not use this node if we don't have access to the parent directory? Thanks in advance for your help.

With the current implementation you must have (read) access to the parent directory.