Knime is not loading example workflows: "fetching content..."

Dear community,

for some reason I can’t access the example workflows. When double clicking underneath the EXAMPLES tap to load the examples, I only get a display of “fetching content…” but no matter how long I wait no examples are loaded. Did anyone have a similar issue? Please help.

Best regards

Hi @tobi_siemens, sorry to hear you are having trouble accessing the Example workflows.

Let’s see if we can isolate the issue.

  • What version of Analytics Platform are you using?
  • Has this always been the behavior or is this recent? If recent, have you upgraded the product recently?
  • If you are using Analytics Platform 4.0.0 or above, do you get a response if you curl or try to load in your browser?



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Hi JT,

thank you for your quick response. For whatever reason it works now
without changing anything. It might have been a problem with the firewall
of my company.



Hello JT,
I’m having the same problem (I’m using v.4.0.2, this has always been this way on my work computer, no issue on my personal computer) When I access the URL I get this (see pic)…
Not sure what this means?


what you see in the browser is the JSON representation of the example workflows that get rendered into this nice tree structure you see in your KNIME Analytics Platform.
Do you have some kind of proxy in place that prevents you from accessing the example workflows? Or could it be that you forgot to configure one for your KNIME Analytics Platform while your browser has it already configured?


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