Knime label bug?

When right clicking on an label in Knime, sometimes it causes the whole workflow to crash, and if I’ve not saved for a while i loose all my work.

Just wondering does anybody have a similar issue, and is there a work around?

Hi there!

Haven’t experienced this issue and couldn’t reproduce it. And what do you mean by label exactly?


Sorry for lack of info, I will try to take a screenshot later on.
By label I meant “Annotation”, so if you would normally double click the annotation to edit the text, but it can cause Knime to crash. It also happens with my work colleagues PC.

Do you mean crash, like the app disappears and is not seen running in the taskbar, or do you mean freeze? On what OS? Which version of KNIME? (If this is on Windows and is KNIME 3.7.0, upgrade to 3.7.1; if this is on Windows and is KNIME 3.7.1, there is a patch jar - see here: Workflow Freeze )

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I am experiencing the same issue. I have tried to add annotation into the workflow, the first annotation works fine but when you add the second one, KNIME freezes and you will have to restart the program.

Please read the thread cited in the post above yours.