KNIME Labs CSV Reader expecting variable of type path

Using KNIME 4.2.0

I am streaming a series of large csv files, with differing structure, and need to pass a series of file names to the Labs CSV Reader (CSV Reader (Labs)) node.

When attempting to use the CSV Reader (Labs) node, I am trying to pass a file path to the data file through a flow variable. The expected type for the flow variable seems to be of type path (or whatever p represents in the image below). This occurs without using the file system connection port (as it is a local file).

Is it intended to create a flow variable of that type using a separate node? What nodes support the creation of this variable type with a variable containing the path as a string?


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@amccall welcome to the KNIME forum.

A very good question. I stumbled upon the same thing yesterday. I tried a URI but that did not work. I tried a few combinations but was not successful.

Maybe @ScottF or @Iris could give us a hint how to obtain such a path.

It would be great if nodes that access the file system would support the various methods (location, knime protocol, relative path, URI …) in a consistent way.


Hi @mlauber71 and @amccall

the new File Handling integration is currently very actively worked on in our development team. But with the 4.2. release there was only a small set of nodes released. There will be a lot more added with the 4.3. release coming in December.

The path flow variables can currently only be generated by the reader nodes itself. By setting a value in the Create Variable setting. With 4.3 the new flow variable type path will also be generated by nodes like Table Row to Variable Loop Start , Table Row to Variable or Table Column to Variable

However the new nodes can out of the box read many files, if you use the option Files in Folder you have the possibility to define filters.

I hope this is helpful for you usecase!


@Iris thanks! Should be a good workaround until the new nodes that can generate the path are released.


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