KNIME license question


I’m 100% not quite sure when one needs to obtain commercial license of KNIME so I’m hoping to get an answer here. If I understood correctly, if I want to make modifications to KNIME software and sell that software for profit I would need to buy the commercial version first.

But what if I wanted to just use KNIME at work and it’s output like graphs and scored data sets (and not alter any nodes or software itself for resale later)?
In other words, let’s say I have a .csv dataset with scored predictions and I want to use it for my company’s marketing campaign and I’d like to use the charts for my presentations at my corporation.
Is the general, free license available to the public good enough in that case or do I need to buy the commercial one.

Are the rules for using nodes for R and Weka in KNIME any different?

Thanks !!

Hi Paul,

since KNIME 2.1 we are using GPL (and EPL, which covers the underlying Eclipse platform). These licenses do allow you do distribute work created using KNIME such as graphs, generated data sets (predictions…).

Cheers, Michael

Thanks a lot Michael!