KNIME + MBP M2 Sonoma

KNIME does not open

Alberto Montanari

Always me…
I could open KNIME 5.1.1 using the standard space for the files.
The first time it is strange, close and reopen, after it looks normal.
The problem in my case is that the MBP is downloading from the Cloud all the documents (!), best wishes…

Hi @zompazompa -

I’m not sure I fully understand your message, so just to clarify: sometimes when you start KNIME 5.1.1 on your Macbook Pro, sometimes it opens but sometimes not?

I’m not sure how that relates to the “standard space for the files” - I guess maybe you mean your KNIME workspace? - or how downloading documents from the cloud fits in.

Can you provide any more information about the problem, if it’s still happening?

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