KNIME Misc - Math Formula node source

Hi EveryBody,

    I have installed knime desktop
    KNIME 2.7.0
    and knime eclipse SDK
    Version: 3.7.2
    Build id: M20120208-0800

    and while installing i downloaded the source of
     "source for KNIME Math Expression (JEP)"
     but when i import the same jar file in the SDK and trying to see the source its showing  

     source not found.

     My actual requirement is i want the source of the following node
     Misc-->Math formula
     Is it possible to get the source of this node, if yes please help me get this.

Thank You,


You must not import the Jar file but instead add a dependency to the JEP plug-in in one of your projects in the SDK. Then you can browse the source code.