KNIME Network Code - Viewer - fancy rendering only available for nodes?

Hi, I've been talking to a few people who actively utilise the Network code for embedding images, SDFs etc. as node and edge features to create suitable Network Views for export. Their main concern is that, while an icon renderer is available for the nodes (and fully customisable), the same treatment isn't avaialble for edges, despite the fact that they can hold the same group of features. 

I wondered if this was something that had either been considered as a feature to add to the viewer, or if others had any effective ways of adding such functionality to achieve a similar result (effectively replacing the text renderer with a small IconRenderer object). My initial thoughts are that the differing angles of rendering for edges may complicate this, but tools like Prefuse ( seem to be able to handle similar cases.


the KNIME network viewer uses the JUNG library for the network visualization which as far as I know only supports the rendering of node icons but not edge icons.



I'm presuming by the broken links on the docs that JUNG isn't actively developed any more. IIRC it was prided on the ability to plug in your own renderers for objects, so maybe I can take that approach. Certainly something to think about anyway. Thanks