KNIME node for Generating Email

Greetings All:

An enquiry to the java experts in the group as to what is the best/easiest way to set up a KNIME node to generate an email if a certain condition is found while processing data.

Thanks, Iqbal

We have a very basic "Send-Mail" node in one of our internal plugins. It sends an Email with the top most rows of the input table upon execution (I used them in one of my long running experiments to get to know when they finish).

If you like I can put that node into a separate plugin and make sources and binaries available to you so that you can modify it to your needs. Sounds good?


Much appreciated. Would it be easy to modify to be able to send multiple rows from an output table that I have generated?


I guess it's fairly easy to modify. It's a quite small plugin, it shouldn't be to hard to understand.

I'll send you the download links via PM.


Is this plugin still available for download? I have an application where it would be very useful to be able to send emails from the workflow.




Please please put this into the KNIME build, or at least as a KNIME Labs plugin, it would be most helpful, a number of colleagues have asked about this missing feature from KNIME



I have the same request. Can you make this plugin avaialable to me as well?

I would also be interested in seeing this included in a future KNIME node. Thanks.



Once again I have the same request. Are you able to make this plugin available to me please?

It would be very usefull for a node that I am attempting to develop.

Many thanks