KNIME node name and description

Hi -

For KNIME nodes, we can add node name and description manually through the user interface. I seems to me that the description can only be seen when we right click the node. The name does not display well if it is too long. Can I make the name and description displayed explicitly instead of mousing over the nodes? I'd like to see long node names and descriptions in a project w/o openning each node. Is it possible?

One related question: can the node name or decription be linked dynamically? For example, if I have 300 rows in output table, this this 300 number be shown in the node description?



Hi Josh,

the line break in long node names is an open construction site. Regarding the customizable description (that can be set/viewed by right click): In KNIME 2.0 we will show the descriptions of individual nodes contained in meta nodes in the meta node's "node description" view (usually on the right-hand side of the KNIME GUI). We will have the same functionality also for projects in the future (not in 2.0 though).

Bottom line: as of now you have to click individual nodes in order to see their description ... and it will be like that also in 2.0 unless you care about the content of meta nodes.

The dimensionality of the data table at a node's output is shown in the port's tooltip (in 1.3.x and also in 2.0). Showing the dimensionality also in the node description is a good idea once we make the description accessible to other views as well.


Hi Bernd,

I'm still confused. Is it possible to include line-breaks into node names? (which would be cool, as most people just provide meaningful node-names in their workflows).