KNIME Node using Jar File

I have a Jar file that requires XML files to be loaded in a subdirectory (named xmls). Running the jar file (java -jar jarfile.jar) processes all the files in the subdirectory.

I’m trying to make a simple KNIME Node that will execute this jar just like running this command from the command line, but I’m having trouble setting it up. Can anyone help me?

You could use the Java snippet node to include this jar and then have your custom code in the node call the main method appropriately. There’s some pointers here concerning referencing your jar Import own class in java snippet


Right now I can configure the code snippet, but I can’t run the Java Snippet node unless it’s connected to anther node? Is there a way around this?

Not understanding the bigger picture, it sounds like you want this node to run your wrapped executable class exactly once.
If that’s so, you could use the Table Creator and make exactly one row (the content of it doesn’t matter if you just want to trigger the node) and connect the output of it to the input of your Java Snippet node.