KNIME nodes for data formatting, merging and order assignment

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I am new to KNIME and I would like to ask for some help in terms of finding the correct node to use for:

  1. Creating the desired data format I can use to upload product informations to a webshop in bulk.
  2. Sourcing product information from different excel files, merging them into one file and putting them in order by column required for the import.

Related to the desired data format in the below example

  1. I would like to take the EAN code “716736015705” from the below image URL-s|

  1. create a new excel file with as many rows as many image URL-s there are in the excel file containing the image URL information

  2. source all the relevant product information into this new excel file into multiple columns from other excel files based on the extracted EAN code “716736015705”

  3. assign a number to the image URL-s from 1 to X in a column called “Image Position” to determine their position for a specific EAN code (in this case 716736015705) with multiple images. The order would be determined based on the last two digits in the image URL after the P character following the EAN code.
    In this example “716736015705_P00” would get value of “1”, “716736015705_P02” would get value of “2” and “716736015705_P07” would get value of “3”

I appreciate any help and guidance.

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I would start with a few YouTube tutorials if you are game. Look for “ETL with KNIME” and “KNIME for Excel” if you are migrating from being more of an excel user.

Basically you will start with Excel Reader nodes to bring the data in, then either the Joiner node (if there are overlaps that require redundancy avoidances) or Concatenate node (if the rows just need to be stacked on top of each other).

Then you would use the Column Rename / Column Resort nodes to match the new import structure. Then the Rule Engine to apply formulaic changes. Extracting the EAN code from a longer string will require a Regex approach either by extraction or column splitting. Then Sorter node to set the final order, then the Counter Generator node to do an increasing count per row for your image reference.

Then an excel writer node to get your file back out for online shop importing.

There are always little things that pop up, so there will obviously be little challenges that will need to be addressed between steps when you find them.

Welcome to the community!

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Thank you for the help! :slight_smile:

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