KNIME on Apple Silicon

I am waiting for the new ARM Macs to come out and since I need to use KNIME, I was wondering whether I should purchase a different machine instead or KNIME will be ready by then (or reasonably soon). Have the KNIME dev team received a few of those development arm based mac minis? Is the development in progress already? Once the new machines are available later this year, should we expect them to natively run KNIME or only through Rosetta 2?


Just speculating but KNIME itself runs on the JVM and hence if the ARM macs ship with a JVM (or you can install one) the base-knime should work. However extensions that rely on specific platform binaries most likely will be a problem. Thinking of the python extension for which you would need an ARM version + all python extensions you need (keras, TF, etc). So I do see this not being a very smooth transition.


Related to the above question/answer, do any current Knime users/developers have any more information or experience relating to the use of Knime with new apple silicon/M1 macs?

Are there so many problems with compatibility and implementation (relating to specific platform binaries e.g. python extensions) that at this point it is not worth considering M1-based macs for use with the Knime platform?


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Does anyone have first-hand experience with KNIME on the recently introduced apple silicon?


I am running KNIME (Intel Based) on an MacBook Pro M1 with 16GB of RAM as I couldn’t find an apple silicon native KNIME installation on the KNIME website so far.

overall it runs fine through Rosetta 2 translation but problems occur when I’m using Zoom meetings along with KNIME and my MAC halts a lot specifically when I’m running XGBoost learner and sometimes it even restarts the application.

if anyone finds a thread where KNIME Apple Silicon Native installation or update is being discussed then please post it here.


Hi @umairsoh and welcome to the forum.

Check out the discussion in this the thread below:

This is something we are keen on addressing in a future release.


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