KNIME on eclipse 3.3 versus Java 6 Update 10 on Windows

I am not sure whether it is KNIME or eclipse problem (maybe JRE), but I can experience this behaviour only with KNIME. When I want to use a node with a configuration having a combobox (for example File Reader), when I open the drop down list, only the list stay there, the window (the whole) disappears. My guess this has connection with the Swing on SWT solution. Do you know a good workaround, or will this change in the next versions?
I experience this problem on both XP and Vista (32 bit) configurations. The versions before Sun JRE 6 update 10 are unaffected.
Thanks, gabor

PS.: Thank you for your previous helps on different topics.

Yes, this is a bug we also experienced. We are currently not sure about the real cause of this behaviour. You should use Java 6 Update 2. All later Updates have all kinds of other bugs (slow File Chooser dialogs, complete KNIME crashes, etc.).

Just in case anyone else running from Windows Seven, and trying to save the (swing) content of a JScrollPane to a file:
Turn off double buffering before save. If double buffering is on, it will be give some artifacts to the result.
(This is reproducible with the JDK bundled with KNIME too, not just the Sun JDK 6u13, maybe a bug in the Java implementation, or a change in the Windows Seven API, I do not know, but I was unable to reproduce this under Vista.)

Another “interesting” behaviour, but in this case with the JVM shipped with KNIME:
When I navigate in a KNIME file chooser to a folder containing a shortcut to a folder, the JVM crashes (OS: Windows 7 beta, with JDK 6u13 it has no problem).

We have a LOT of problems with different minor release variations of the jre. Unfortunately
I am not surprised to hear that Windows 7 exposes yet another problem. The version
shipped with KNIME is the one that seems to have no apparant problems under Windows XP
and Vista and so far all subsequent releases have shown other, often quite drastic issues.
We’ll look into u13 and see if it solves some of those (and doesn’t open too many new ones).


Java u13 still shows the same odd behavior as described in the original post when expanding JComboBoxes in a node dialog environment. We will keep track on this issue. Thanks, Thomas

Good news, using Sun JDK 6u14 (32 bit) I was unable to reproduce the problem with KNIME 3.3 (based on eclipse 3.3). :slight_smile: (Using Windows 7 RC, 64 bit version.)
I am not sure where was the fix, because I have not found anything related in release notes.

Sorry, I meant KNIME 2.0.3.