Knime on Linux has not support ??

I try to use KNIME on linux (fedora 34 GNOME 40) installation on VM. I found the issue at first on dialog create workspace is show half windows (It cannot click ok or launch at first but another time is not found) and then I try to use any node , that I found the empty screen. cannot using it.

Normally, I used on Windows version but I have problem on my locale font (TH) on string manipulation so I want to test on linux but I found the bigger issue TT.

Hi @kritsapatw . I’ve not personally used it on Linux (I only run command line on my Linux box), however, I know that there are a few members who run Knime on Linux, and it seems to work for them.

Of course, I cannot say what distribution of Linux they run on, but in general it seems to work on Linux.

We’d need a user to confirm if they can run Knime properly on Fedora (Fedora 34 GNOME 40), or someone from the Knime team to confirm.

Another shot that I am thinking of, could it be that you are running out of memory? This type of behaviour happens (not just with Knime) when the system is running out of memory.

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Hi @kritsapatw

I use KNIME on both Windows and Ubuntu.

This screenshot is from an Ubuntu 20.04.1 virtualbox environment where I have KNIME 4.1.3 running. I cannot recall I had any issues installing it back then.

With respect to the remark of @bruno29a : the environment has 22GB available and within the knime.ini file I specified the maximum memory usage 16GB (ie. used this -Xmx16000m).
It might be worthwhile checking KNIME is not using too much of the memory available in your VM.

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Hi @kritsapatw,
I am using KNIME on fedora successfully, but I am using Gnome on Xorg instead of Wayland, as I am having trouble with Wayland in quite a few applications.
Can you try switching to Xorg and see if that helps?




there are couple of related topics. I share this one:



Thanks for sharing this @ipazin , that thread sure contains a lot of info which looks like it would provide the answer.

There are a few pointers from the thread that suggest that switching to Xorg solved the issue, and it’s also what @gab1one suggested to test with, hopefully this solves the issue for @kritsapatw .


Many Thanks gab1one. your solution is solve my issue.


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