KNIME on Mac: can't write expressions in nodes

I can’t write an expression or edit an expression. The keyboard doesn’t work. The mouse, cut, copy, paste, works. It’s the same in different nodes, like string manipulation, rule-based row filter etc. The keyboard works in some areas of the node, e.g. Include, or Exclude, but not in the Expression area.
I am using KNIME 4.4.0 and OS 12.2.
Any ideas?

Hi @adrianspoerri and welcome to the Knime Community.

Did this just happen? Any change such as update of Knime before this happened?

No, I have had this issue for some time, even with older versions. And only on Mac, not Windows.
Get around: I write the expression in a text file and copy paste it into the expression area (mouse works, keyboard doesn’t).

Hi @adrianspoerri , I recall someone raised a similar issue a few months ago. Unfortunately I’ve been looking for it on the forum but can’t find it. I’ll keep trying

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