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I just bought external ssd and would like to put the workspace in it including knime installation. Would it become something problematic if i put knime installation and workspace in difference place than windows OS? is there any input to make it more efficient ?


Hi @hitorijanai
My experience: I use the Knime installation on the C-drive and my workspace on a networkdrive. Probably I loose something in performance becasue of this, but for the rest everything works okay.
I gain automatic backups on the networkdrive, which was for me the reason to swithc my workspace to it.


what is important ist that the file system of the drive would support the special characters that KNIME likes to use like #. Also the connection should be fast in order not to loose any data and slow down the performance - so it should be USB 3.0 or USB-C.

And keep in mind there is also the temporary storage of data stored in the workflows.



From my past experience of putting DB on USB drive is a bad idea. You may have an issue with process switching. Say you want to stop WF. USB may not stop in a reasonable time.
Even with regular save WF operation you may have surprises. Say you closed KNIME and disconnect USB drive. Save process may not be finished.

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