KNIME Online Course Announcement

Hi everyone,

as we announced last week during our KNIME Spring Summit in Berlin we now have a getting started Online Course. 

You can find it here:

We would love to get comments on it, so in case you are new to the KNIME Analytics Platform, give it a try and feel free to use this thread for all comments you have.

Cheers, Iris

 Thanks Iris, looks like a great resource!

Hello, I am just descovering Knime and I have a question, how can I import a zip file (wich have files related to an exemple) into knime?

thank you!

Hi lola,

In the KNIME go to File -> Import KNIME Workflow and navigate to the zip file.



although "Databases, Big Data" included in the title of chapter 2, nothing found in chapter 2 matches that description.

the page retrieved for the referenced blog post link "Will They Blend?" is raw php: