Knime opens to a blank screen

Really weird - opened Knime after a reboot, and I get a completely blank screen, even with a fresh install. Any ideas?

I think this is to do with the .metadata folder and the contents in there in the workspace. When I open Knime Workspace to be a different location, it opens just fine. Any ideas on what I should do to resolve this? Just delete the .metadata folder?

ok, so yes removing that worked, but I just realized that’s also where all of the Node information is stored when you download them. I guess there is a Node that is not loading properly that is causing this issue. The question is how to locate it?

The nodes are stored in the plugin folder of your AP’s installation directory, so they should not be affected by changing your workspace. Have you tried View → Reset Perspective in the KNIME menu? Does that maybe help as well?
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