Is there any particular reason why the site switched from .org to .com?
What other changes are to be expected in the coming years...
Would it affect the open source and free advantage of the KNIME analytics platform?

Interesting - we thought nobody would notice as ** points to the exact same pages as **.

The move was made when we migrated our previously fragmented web site to a new system. We really only briefly discussed which of the two main domains we should be using and then thought it's apprioriate to use .com as the main one (but, see above, .org will continue to forward) as the site is hosted and maintained by a commercial entity and also contains commercial material (such as material about KNIME Server).

This is not intended to send any message, in fact we are probably even more committed to the open source KNIME Analytics Platform then before. Earlier this year we open sourced the productivity extensions, we are almost done with moving the entire code base to Github, and in December we will open source the big data extensions as well.

We are a commercial company, though, so we also keep being committed to offering KNIME Server for collaboration of data science teams as well as management and automation of workflows. Those license fees also support continued development of the open source analytics platform.

Cheers, Michael


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