KNIME output

I have raw data file ,its a huge file and has 189176 rows. So what i am trying to do here ,first i was trying to run single file to see how it look like and output seems to be messy is this normal or there is normal.So it execute fine but it shows empty column with ? mark sign.

Hi @ayesha_target and welcome to the KNIME community

Red ? symbols are displayed by KNIME to show where there is null/missing data. This means you can differentiate those cells from others which contain blank data/spaces, and they are red to differentiate them from physical “?” characters.

I’ve personally not thought of the output appearing “messy”, so can you be more specific. Maybe you can upload an example screenshot as long as it contains no sensitive data.

In KNIME terms, a 189k row table isn’t particularly large. To an extent, it depends on how much memory you have and what you are trying to do with the data.

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Howe can check the memory in KNIME? We have financial raw data that we need to visualize i am learning KNIME so i can just add my file and update each week but i am not sure how i will connect files from KNIME TO Tableau?

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