KNIME Predictive Model

Hello KNIME Community!
i am quite new to the KNIME platform and I am currently facing some issues while creating a predictive model with the regression learner/predictor and the recursive loop nodes.
I wanted to build a time series forecast for a minimum of 3 months with a database of 2 years of sales data (random dataset from www, I know that its not the best one for a good forecast but its just a trial).
When looking at my result so far, I only receive a value for the following day of my initial time series but that’s all. For all the other future days, I get a “?” instead of a predicted quantity.
Can someone spot a mistake in my workflow? You can access the workflow via the link below, I would be so grateful for any help!!



Hello @leoniegalm,

and welcome to KNIME Community!

Workflow can be downloaded but can not be executed as input files are not included. Either put them into data folder within workflow directory and use workflow relative paths (see here) either attach them on forum either upload workflow with executed reader nodes. Also what KNIME version are you using as I see deprecated Excel Reader node in workflow? If possible I suggest to use latest version (4.3.2).


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