KNIME Protocol: how to reference a Windows network path?


I´m using KNIME 3.5.0.


I would like to know how can I use the KNIME Protocol to reference a Windows network drive.

I mean, I want to point to an address like:



I'm trying to use something like:


Four forwardslashes, but doesn't work. 


I'd tried to use URI, but also did not work.

Any advice?


Hi juanbretti, 

The knime:// protocol allows to define the location of a file relatively to the current workspace or currently executing workflow, so it's not possible to use it for accessing a file in a local network. 

However, you can access your file using an absolute path to the file. 




Thank you for your answer 

Hello Juanbretti,
I am having a similar issue, I am trying to access a network drive which has the same address you mentioned.
I am able to runt the WF from knime desktop with absolute path but the same doesnt work from knime server.
Just wanted to know what path you gave to file reader while running the WF from server(if any)
Thanks a lot

Haven’t found a solution yet.