KNIME "Python Script" Node slow compared to community node

I am finding that passing data from KNIME noes into the "Python script (1=>1)" is very slow and scales very poorly above 100,000's of rows.

There are at least two previous reports of same issue that have some history to older versions:'


KNIME 3.4.0

Anaconda Python 2.7

Concrete example:

Create data with "Python Source" node and code:

   from pandas import DataFrame
   import numpy as np

   output_table = DataFrame(np.ones((100000,3)))

Pass into a default "Python scipt (1=>1) - run time =20s

Pass into defgault community "python snippet" - run time = 2s

The KNIME python nodes scale very poorly with data size, I suspect a data frame is being grown inefficiently via a series of cancatenations.

Any ideas?  Really want this resolved.



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Hi there. We’re working on streamlining that process. You might be interested to try the new Python Labs extension which has made some initial speed improvements (with more being worked on currently).