KNIME Python Scripting nodes frequently crash

I've only recently started to play around with the Python nodes and I'm experiencing a very annoying issue: When writing code in the editor in the node's configuration, KNIME often suddenly crashes. This always seems to happen whe the auto-complete popup is about to show up (so I'm currently editing all my code in an external editor and copy it back and forth).

I'm using the following environment

KNIME 3.3.2
KNIME Python Integration 3.3.0.v201611242050
Mac OS X 10.12.4
Python 2.7.13

Is this a known issue, or would additional details be helpful in localizing the problem?

-- Philipp

Hi Philip,

That is a known issue under macOS that we're looking into. It seems to be fairly reproducible, but we still have some issues to reproduce the issue everytime. I'll follow up with our developers to see which additional information would be most helpful.

The workaround for the time being is to switch off autocompletion.



Hi Jon,

thank you for your response. Could you tell me how to turn off autocompletion? I've found no switch so far?

-- Philipp

Hi Philipp,

You can disable autocompletion by uninstalling the jedi module from the Python environment that you're using for KNIME. That is something like pip uninstall jedi.