KNIME R node replaces Community R node


When loading an old workflow (from 2012) with a community "R Snippet" node, KNIME replaces this node with a KNIME R node.

This is due to the change of the node factory, which changed from de.mpicbg.tds.knime.scripting.r.RSnippetNodeFactory to


As of this change, KNIME tries to find the appropriate node by name (?) and uses the KNIME R node instead. Of course this causes problems.

Is there anything what could be done (beside using a KNIME with only the community plugin installed)?


If the fully qualified nade factory class cannot be found any more, then the simple class name is used as a fallback. If there are more than one class with the same simple class name, which one will be chosen depends on the order in which plug-ins are loaded, i.e. it's undefined. Currently there is no way around this behaviour.