Knime Regular expressions


I am in the process of doing some textual analysis from data that I scraped from the web and need some help to figure out how i can use the string manipulation node to filter out "\n" ( a new line regex character) from my document.  I've tried the regular expression "\\n" to match "\n" but that doesn't seems to be working.  Is there a way to do this using regex and the string manipulation node?  Are there any workarounds?




are you seeing the characters "\n" in your strings, and you want to remove them? or are you seeing multiple lines in your data, and you want to concatenate them?

for the first, I think you can just use the replace() function in string manipulation node, syntax would look like 

replace($input column$,"\\n"," ")

the double backlash is to escape the backlash.

If you are wanting to join multiple lines together then I would use a group by node with space as the concatenation delimination character