Knime Report Designer: Two Versions, knime crashes


I wanted to check out the Report Designer to not just copy/paste tables in excel if I need to, so I installed the Report Designer, the first one if these two:


As soon as I put some data into a “data to report” node and open the reporting tab, knime crashes (knime does not react anymore, no other option than to close it)

Ok, then I installed the second one from the picture and this is the first thing, that confuses me:

I stopped at this point and uninstalled the extension. Back to using excel it is…

I run the latest version of knime (probably a nightly build since this executor is also uncompatible with the latest server version, which is really not nice if you update all extensions on the server and it’s not working anymore).
If the problem is the current build - please don’t put them in auto update…

If the problem with the Report Designer is the extension itself, I will wait till it’s fixed.

best regards,

Hi Thorsten,

that is weird.

Can you check for me the update sites you have in your list of sites? Are there maybe 2 update sites for AP?

Best, Iris

Our update sites usually contains several version of each extension. In the installation dialog there is an option to show only the latest available version. If you check this (it should be enabled by default) you will only see the latest.
This doesn’t explain the crash, though.


Hello Iris,

thanks for the input, there were indeed a few update sites checked (I don’t I ever opened those options before. The ones checked were AP 4.0, AP 4.1 via http and AP 4.1 via https, also community and partner.
I left community and partner as well as AP 4.1 via https and installed the Report Designer again.
I still have each nodle twice:

But it does not crash at the moment.
For now it iseems fixed.

Thanks a lot!


I tried again with another workflow (data to report, just a little over 100 rows) and it crashed again.
Maybe it is a problem with the update sites/currently installed extension - which ones should I select anyway?
It seems, knime itself was selecting too much (because I hadn’t changed any of the initial settings: 5 different update sites overall).


Hi Torsten,

so this is how it looks for me. I would delete every update site which is not in the version you are using.

You can see this in the Location. There is says 4.1. because I am on 4.1.
We need to investigate this further, we never saw this before.

Best, Iris

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