Knime S3 connector access denied

Hi there,

I"m trying to connect to a vendor's S3 account through Knime and am getting access denied error. The vendor has only allowed access to a specific folder and all of it's subfolders so there's no way to access directly or browse through. I'm able to connect via Cloudberry Explorer and then I have to specify the full path to get to the files, but knime is saying Access Denied. Is there a way to specity the folder to connect to on the connection config?


Hi Ergest,

Just want to check that here you're interested in reading the contents of S3 directories? I haven't tried on such a setup as you describe. Would you be able to confirm whether this works when you type the file path to the first directory which you are allowed to browse into the Amazon S3 File Picker node? If that works, what happens if you now choose the browse button? Would you be able to supply screenshots?



Hi  There,

I am seeing the same issue when trying to connect to a Vendor's S3 Bucket.  The Vendor has only given access to one bucket.  I can access this using Cyberduck app when I specify the full URL but can't do it through KNIME.  

The first Node that i use ("Amazon S3 Connection") doesn't have a input for which bucket I want to browse.  When I hit test connection i get the following error message.

Access Denied (service: Amazon S3; Status Code 403; Error Code AccessDeniet; Request ID 73D3434DB102111F).